Conservation in Fiordland

Around Te Anau

Fiordland House currently sponsor 55 stoat traps behind the Kepler track on the other side of the lake from our shop. We rebait and check these traps on a monthly basis and this work contributes to the Kids Restore the Kepler Project that is set up to protect the area from Lake Manapouri up the Waiau River and throughout the hills you can see opposite the township of Te Anau. Much of this is being undertaken as a joint venture between DOC and Kids Restore charity and involves all of the school children in Te Anau in some way. This is administered by the Fiordland Conservation Trust.

This project has many facets including stoat control, intensive rat control during plague years, possum control, feral cat control, native species monitoring, as well as research into endangered species (eg short tailed bats, NZ native mistletoe).

To continue these efforts Fiordland House pledge $5 from every possum/merino garment and $1 from every possum/merino accessory (hat, scarf, gloves, socks) sold through this website to the Fiordland Conservation Trust to use for further conservation work in this area.


Kids Restore the Kepler

 Part of the Air New Zealand Environment Trust has formed a significant partnership with the Fiordland Conservation Trust. This major conservation project has 2 main objectives.

1. Eradicate pests and ensure the return of endemic species to the Kepler area. 

2. Help young people develop leadership through involvement with environmental issues.

Kepler Challenge Stoat Trapping

 In 2006 the Kepler Challenge Organising Committee, in partnership with Department of Conservation, established a stoat trapping progremme around the entire length of the Kepler Track using a portion of each runner's entry fee. This is continuing to be serviced by local volunteers some of whom check their traps weekly. This trapping assists with the Kids Restore project.