It's all about predator control...

 Conservation in Fiordland is all about controlling the predators - stoats, rats and possums - so without these our special native birds, bats and bugs can live as they have for thousands of years. Predators have only been in NZ for a very short period of time so our native wildlife has not had time to adapt. Without the help of our trapping programmes they may never have the chance to adapt.

Milford Track Trapping Programme

 This trapping programme was set up in the year 2000 by the Department of Conservation and has been extremely successful to protect the Whio (Blue Duck) and enable the breeding programme in the area to be continued and also benefits all other species of birds found on the Milford Track.

Milford Community Stoat Trapping Project

 Stoat trapping began in the Cleddau, Tutoko and Gulliver Valleys in 2002 as a follow up to the immensly successful trapping on the Milford Track. This project is run by volunteers in conjuction with the Department of Conservation and since it started the birdlife in the village of Milford Sound has exploded.

Sinbad Sanctuary Project

 This is a partnership between the Department of Conservation, Fiordland Conservation Trust and Southern Discoveries. Sinbad Gully is situated to the left of Mitre Peak in Milford Sound and is therefore seen by all the tourists visiting the area. The valley is home to a number of very rare lizard species as well as kiwi, weka, whio, kea, kaka and many large weta and other invertibrates.

Fiordland Wapiti Foundation Stoat Trapping

 Fiordlands Wapiti hunters are taking aim at a new species by complementing the Department of Conservations work on the Milford Track with their own project of predator control in the Glaisnock Wilderness Area. Again this is prime habitat for the endangered Whio which is making a comeback with the help of volunteer projects such as this.

Fiordland Explorer Charters Stoat Trapping Project

 This is a pest control programme in the Wilmot Pass area on the road to Doubtful Sound. This project aims to restore the birdlife in the area and also help protect the predator free islands in Doubtful Sound (Secretary Island and Bauza Island) and other islands further down the coast by preventing pests getting on board boats.